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Please join us in congratulating the following prestigious scholarship winners!

Rish Ahuja who was selected as a recipient of the 2015 Mitchell Scholarship.

Sarah Mohamed was selected as 2015 recipient of the Marshall scholarship.


To learn more about these scholarship competitions, visit the following link http://scholarships.berkeley.edu/prestigious.php

UC Berkeley Prestigious Scholarship Winners

Resources for Prospective/Entering Freshmen

The Scholarship Connection website is not an appropriate resource for finding funding possibilities for prospective and entering freshman. We serve as a resource for current college undergraduates. It is recommended that you consult with your high school career center or counselors in finding scholarships. You may also wish to visit your school or local libraries.

The web is a great resource in finding scholarships for college. The links below contain both some information on databases in which you can search for scholarships and view some specific scholarships opportunities.


(These scholarships are for high school seniors. This information is being provided as a courtesy by theOffice of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships. Please do not let this be your only source of finding scholarships and contact your high school counselor, career center, or library for information on other scholarships.)

Newly Discovered Opportunities for student entering college 2015/2016 (Additonal opportunities will be added as they are discovered.)

Annuity.org Scholarship

At Annuity.org, we want to encourage students to think about their financial futures long before they graduate. Our essay topic is designed around a concept that’s easy to understand but difficult to execute: being responsible with your money today.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2015

To apply visit: http://www.annuity.org/scholarship/

Foroutan Foundation Scholarship

 Scholarships of up to $10,000 per year are available to eligible and qualified students admitted to an accredited university, college, community college or vocational school. Applicants will be first year students in an undergraduate program, vocational school or community college. Applicants may also be transfer students from a community college into a four-year college. Applicants must be first generation immigrants to the United States. Firstgeneration immigrants may include a foreign-born citizen or resident who has relocated and become a citizen or permanent resident in the U.S. OR a naturally born resident of the U.S. whose parents are foreign-born and have immigrated and been naturalized in the U.S. (Strong preference will be given to Iranian applicants).

Application Deadline: May 15, 2015.

To apply visit: http://www.foroutanfoundation.org/

Asian American Architects/Engineers Association (AAa/e) Foundation Scholarship

The Asian American Architects/Engineers Association (AAa/e) (www.aaaesc.org) is committed to the empowerment of design professionals in personal growth, professional excellence, business development, and leadership in our communities. The Asian American Architects and Engineers Foundation (AAa/e Foundation) was created in 2004 as a branch of the AAa/e to better support the efforts of the AAa/e in seeking additional means of fundraising for scholarships. The AAa/e Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities and scholarships for students and other individuals in the profession of architecture, engineering or construction. The purpose of the High School Student Scholarship is to provide encouragement and financial support for High School students entering studies in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, or construction.

Application Deadline: May 29, 2015.

To apply visit: http://aaaesc.com/foundation_student_scholarship

Revel Scholars Program

Revel Systems POS is pleased to announce The Revel Scholars Program, which will award two $10,000 scholarships for the 2015/2016 school year to current high school and/or college students interested in entrepreneurship. In addition to receiving a scholarship towards their tuition, the two students selected for the Revel Scholars program will receive mentorship with Revel’s founders Lisa Falzone (CEO) and Chris Ciabarra (CTO) at regular intervals throughout the year for professional counsel and guidance. The scholarship funds will apply to the winners’ accredited United States college or university tuition.

Application Deadline: July 1, 2016.

To apply visit: https://revelsystems.com/scholarships


(These scholarship databases are for high school seniors only. This information is being provided as a courtesy by the Scholarship Connection Office.Please do not let this be your only source of finding scholarships and contact your high school counselor or college center for information on other scholarships.)

  1. High School Scholarships http://highscholarships.com/index.html

  2. Scholarships for College-Bound High School Seniors http://scholarships.fatomei.com/college.html

  3. 200 Free Scholarships For Minorities http://www.blackexcel.org/200-Scholarships.html

  4. Scholarships 4 Students http://www.scholarships4students.com/scholarships_for_high_school_students.htm

  5. The Smart Student Guide To Financial Aid http://www.finaid.org/scholarships/average.phtml

  6. Free Scholarships for High Schools http://www.free-4u.com/scholarships_for_high_school_students.htm

  7. Financial Aid and Scholarships http://www.fundsnetservices.com/searchresult/24/Scholarships-Financial-Aid.html

  8. Millions of Scholarships http://www.schoolsoup.com

  9. FinAid Scholarships http://www.finaid.org/scholarships/

  10. StudentScholarshipSearch.com http://www.studentscholarshipsearch.com/Scholarships/

  11. Schoolgrantsblog.com http://www.schoolgrantsblog.com/

  12. BrainTrack http://www.braintrack.com/

  13. Collegegrantsandscholarships.net http://www.collegegrantsandscholarships.net/high-school-seniors

14. Affordable College Online http://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/financial-aid/financial-aid-for-online-colleges/

15. GoodCall.com http://www.goodcall.com/