Small Company-Based Scholarships and Contests

The following is a list of scholarships offered by a variety of companies. Many request that you write an essay, video, or blog. These opportunities are usually in the amount of $1,000  but others range from $200-$5,000. Some have multiple deadline dates.

It is recommended that you review the application requirements and disclosures thoroughly before applying, as many of the opportunities have special requirements that may ask for you to register for a service or like and/or share their social media pages with your friends and acquaintances as a way to market their products and/or services. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships neither discourages nor supports the process of applying for the scholarships listed. Please note that you apply at your own discretion.





CarGuru Scholarship

Fairfield Funding Scholarship

Car Loans of America Scholarship

The Most Promising Logo Design Scholar

The Nicholas Wooldridge Annual Scholarship Essay Competition

The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship

Creative Biolabs Scholarships Program

Scooter N Chairs Spring 2019 Student Scholarship

Pay Stub Maker Excellence in Finance and Accounting Scholarship

Creative Sales & Marketing Scholarship

Huggable Supermom Scholarship

The $500 Think Einstein HR Knowledge Scholarship

Def Delete Kits Internet Marketing Scholarship

Community Superhero Scholarship





CCIS Scholarship 

The Akin Law Office Annual College Scholarship scholarship/

Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp Annual Scholarship

Keller Law Offices Scholarship for Higher Education

Strom and Associates Annual Scholarship

Law Office of Henry Queener Annual Scholarship

Mainor Wirth Injury Lawyers Scholarship

Steinberg, Goodman and Kalish Scholarship

Vogelzang Law Scholarship

Hired Scholarship

JET Surety Scholarship

BondExchange Scholarship Scholarship

BambooHR Scholarship Debt Free Scholarship

Jason D. Mills and Associates Law Offices $1,100 Academic Scholarship

DePaolo and Zadeikis Law Offices Academic Scholarship

DePaolo and Zadekis Law Offices Military Scholarship

Cogan and Power Academic Scholarship 2019

Bogdan Martinovich Academic Scholarship 2019

Ankin Law Office 2019 Scholarships for Military Veterans

Ankin Law Office 2019 Scholarship for Disabled Veterans of the United States

Law Office of Matthew L Sharp Annual Military Scholarship

Law Offices of Steinberg, Goodman and Kalish Annual Military Scholarship

Keller Law Offices Annual Scholarship for Military Veterans

Strom and Associates Annual Military Scholarship

Langer and Langer Law Offices 2019 Military Scholarship

Jason D. Mills and Associates 2019 Union Scholarship





$2,000 PixelPlex Scholarship

Digital Marketing Scholarship

The Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes and Tragos Scholarship Essay Contest

The AppLabb Annual Scholarship Program

Rapid Formations Scholarship Programme

SPROWT Scholarship for Women




Werman Salas P.C. Employment Law Scholarship

Voiptime Cloud Scholarship Program for College and University Students

Law Office of Matthew Sharp Short Essay Contest




Info Tracer Scholarship

Ketogenic Diet Research Scholarship

Corporate Culture Scholarship

Extreme Terrain Student Scholarship

American Muscle Student Scholarship 




Blankstyle Scholarship

PSP Media Experiential Marketing Scholarship

Good Lawyers Good People Scholarship

Pusch and Nguyen College Student Scholarship

Surgent CPA Review College Scholarship

Surgent Exam Review College Scholarship

Time Clock Go Scholarship

Mobile Device IT Innovation Scholarship

Opioid Epidemic Recovery Scholarship



Multiple Deadlines


Squadhelp Professional Scholarship Program

The Future of Bariatric Surgery

Thomas J. Henry Leadership Scholarship Program

Buddha Teas Fair Trade Scholarship Program

Theater Masks Bi-Annual Scholarship

LA Tutors Innovation in Education Scholarship

The RentHop Apartment Scholarship

Richard West Law Office Bi-annual Student Loan Scholarship

Shear Comfort Automotive Scholarship

Supply Chain Management Education Scholarship
American muscles Student Scholarship
Double D Trailers $500 Scholarship
OppU Achievers Scholarship
Swope, Rodante P.A. Scholarships for Philanthropic Efforts
Deputy Scholarships for Women in Technology
Global Volunteers Bi-Annual Student Volunteer Abroad Scholarship
YUJA Monthly Scholarships Essay Contest
USA Corporate Services Inc. Scholarship
Women in Computing Scholarship
BestGrill Internet Marketing Scholarship Program
Monitor Guide Internet Marketing Scholarship
Golden Financial Scholarship
FamilyHW Internet Marketing Scholarship
Genetex Scholarships Program
National Credit Card Relief Scholarship
Top Student Entrepreneur Scholarship
Fisher Investments $5000 Invest in Your Future College Scholarships Program
Top Student Entrepreneur Scholarship
SortOutMy.Life Scholarship for Organized Students
Delta Construction Partners Scholarship
The $2,000 Privacy Matters College Scholarship
Skincare OX Beauty and Wellness Scholarships for Women
The Pong Guy Entrepreneurship and Biology Scholarship
Credit Sesame Financial Literacy  Scholarship