Off Campus Resources

Many scholarship resources and search services are available on the internet. Students should use as many resources as possible, as some awards will be included in one database, but not in others. Avoid scholarship scams; be wary of search programs that charge fees.

A few of the larger free services are listed below. NOTE: Scholarship Connection does not endorse any of these sites and is not responsible for the information or services they offer. compiled an open-use resource that provides information on paying for an accounting degree, including details on available scholarships and a directory of some of the best awards for accounting students.

Accredited Schools Online  is an all-inclusive guide that gets to the root of the issue - explaining the obstacles those in low-income situations face - while helping to create solutions. In this guide, you will find resources for low-income students, housing and living options while going to college, and financial assistance options in order to go to school and complete a degree.

Access Scholarships is a platform designed to help connect students with scholarship opportunities that fit their goals and values, with the ultimate mission of providing students with the resources to fund their higher education.

Best Colleges has a scholarship database at which students can find scholarships relevant to your studies and qualifications. Learn more about opportunities to make your higher education more affordable.

Best Scholarships Search Platforms make it easy for you to find the money you need for school.

British Council provides a wealth of information to help students find appropriate university and degree programs in the United Kingdom. The website also describes and links to many scholarship opportunities for study in the UK.

Broke Scholar search over $3 million in scholarship awards. is designed to be an easy to use directory or index to hundreds of scholarships and grants for all types of students. They also offer a number of very good scholarships of their own.

Career One Stop Scholarship Finder features over 7,500 scholarships, fellowships, grants and more

Discover Business Degrees is a website resource that has a database of hundreds of MBA scholarships listed by state. allows students to search for thousands of Engineering Scholarships in our database. 

Grants for Funding is a compilation of resources for grant or financial aid seekers.

Petersons helps find the right scholarship for you. is a database of fellowships that fund graduate and professional degrees. provides information on scholarships to help pay for the costs of earning a degree in the field. provides a comprehensive source of local & national college scholarships.

STEM Scholarship Guide offers tips to help students navigate the application process, as well as have the best chance at receiving a scholarship. Additionally, there is an extensive listing of current scholarships. 

STEM Study provides a Scholarship Search database that, if successful, can help lower the financial burden of tuition without taking out loans. is a California based comprehensive source of scholarship resources. provides financial aid information and database access to scholarships that fund international study abroad programs.

UNIGO is a connection to $3.6 million in scholarships.

Local organizations and employers - Students should contact community organizations, such as local chapters of Lions, Rotary, and other clubs. These organizations sometimes offer scholarships to local students that are not widely advertised. In addition, employers, labor unions, and churches may offer scholarships for their employees’ and members’ children.