Completing the Process

The last element in applying for a scholarship is getting it to the foundation. Be cognizant of the fact that some scholarship foundations have postmark deadlines and others have receipt deadlines. A postmark deadline is easier in that you need to get the complete application to the post office by the listed date. When posting your materials, however, we recommend that you drop the package to a postal clerk, even if this means you have to wait in line. The clerk will tell you if there is insufficient postage and you are guaranteed to have it postmarked on that date. If you must drop the package into a blue mail box, or if you are sending it by a courier service, be sure that you have not missed the last pick up for that box or the package will be postmarked for the next business day. If the scholarship has a receipt deadline, then be sure to mail your package at least one week in advance of the deadline. You may also want to consider sending it by courier service, particularly one that will guarantee arrival by the receipt date. Before mailing, though, be sure to read through everything one more time and check off that you have included everything they have requested.