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Orion Ning : Astronaut Scholarship : Astronaut Scholarship

Orion Ning is a senior (’22) majoring in physics and mathematics at UC Berkeley. He has been involved in research in both theoretical and experimental particle physics, as well as in cosmology. Orion’s research work spans a broad range of open problems and ideas, in particular studying special types of quantum field theories, parameterizing dark energy and gravity theories, and conducting precision tests for Beyond-Standard-Model physics. He’s excited about these topics and their intersections with each other, and is in general fascinated by our models of physics at the smallest and largest scales in the universe. Outside of research, Orion is passionate about facilitating and teaching a DeCal that introduces modern physics and astronomy to a general audience, continually striving to increase public scientific literacy. After graduating, Orion intends to pursue a PhD in physics, and after that conduct research and teach at the university level.