Scholarship Detail

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Program Information

Deadline Month: March
Application Deadline Dates: TBA
Award Amount: $20,000/yr
This program awards a scholarship, comprehensive mentoring, and a 10-week paid laboratory research training at the NIH, located in suburban Washington DC. Transportation and housing are also provided. Undergraduates from disadvantaged backgrounds who are truly committed to pursuing careers in biomedical, behavioral, or social science research are eligible to apply. “Disadvantaged background" is considered an environment which inhibited but did not prevent the student from obtaining knowledge necessary to enroll at an undergraduate institution; or a family defined as low-income by the NIH. After graduation, scholarship recipients are required to serve as full-time employees in an NIH research laboratory. The recipient must serve 1 year of full-time employment for each year of the scholarship.
Type: Undergraduate Study, Internship Program, Research
Application Available: Organization Website, Organization Address or Phone

Eligibility Requirements

Class Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Area of Study: Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Application Form: Yes
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident
Minimum GPA: 3.5

Submission Requirements

Application Form: Yes
Transcripts: Yes
Transcript Description: Current College
Letters of Rec: Yes
Letters of Rec Detail: 3
Resume: Yes
Personal Essay: No
Project Proposal: No
Financial Aid: Yes
Financial Aid Notes: Form must be certified by a Financial Aid Officer
Institutional Endorsement: No
Other Submission Requirements: Yes
Other Submission Requirements Notes: NIH Government Contract, Short-answer questions

Further Information

Darryl Murray
National Institutes of Health Office of Loan Repayment and Scholarship
2 Center Drive, Room 2E30 (MSC 0230)