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OxFam America CHANGE Initiative

Program Information

Award Amount: travel and training costs
OxFam America is dedicated to finding long-term solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice around the world. We do this by supporting local organizations that understand the specific needs of their communities. The CHANGE Initiative is a national leadership training program that aims to develop capable and confident young leaders who are informed and active voices for positive social change, and who inspire greater global awareness in others. Must be interested in issues such as Fair Trade Coffee, global hunger an d international trade, and be willing to work on their campuses and in their communities to create campaigns and educational opportunities.

Eligibility Requirements

Class Level: , , Junior, , Sophomore
Area of Study: Public Service
Application Form: Yes

Submission Requirements

Application Form: Yes
Letters of Rec: Yes
Letters of Rec Detail: 1

Further Information
1-800-77-oxfam ext. 464