Scholarship Detail

Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program

Program Information

Award Amount: $450/week + travel expenses
The AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows work for 10 weeks during the summer as reporters, researchers, and production assistants in mass media organizations nationwide. Fellows collaborate with media professionals at radio and television stations, newspapers, and magazines. As part of their job, the student-scientists and their host-journalists strive to make science news easy for the public to understand.
Type: Undergraduate Study, Graduate Study, Internship Program

Eligibility Requirements

Class Level: Senior, Graduate Student
Area of Study: Engineering, Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Application Form: Yes

Submission Requirements

Application Form: Yes
Transcripts: Yes
Letters of Rec: Yes
Letters of Rec Detail: 3
Resume: Yes
Personal Essay: Yes
Other Submission Requirements: Yes
Other Submission Requirements Notes: Journal News Story Coverage

Further Information

Stacey Pasco
Manager Mass Media Program
1200 New York Ave., NW
20 005