Scholarship Detail

Matsui Local Governement Fellow

Program Information

Deadline Month: December
Application Deadline Dates: 12/17/2022
Award Amount: $2,000
UCB Students Only
The Matsui Local Government Fellowship offers students the opportunity to get firsthand municipal experience in California's political and policy making communities. Each year, students selected for this program intern in a branch of local government of the student's preference. We will help place you in the internship that you find most interesting, whether it is working in a mayor's office or interning for a local school board. The internship will involve full time work during the summer. To help with living costs and transportation we will award up to a $2,000 stipend.
Type: Undergraduate Study, Internship Program
Application Available: Organization Website

Eligibility Requirements

Class Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Area of Study: Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Math, Natural Sciences, Public Service, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Application Form: Yes
Descriptors: Female, Minority, LGBT, Disabled, Undocumented
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, International Students, Undocumented Students

Submission Requirements

Application Form: Yes
Transcripts: Yes
Transcript Description: Current College
Letters of Rec: No
Resume: Yes
Resume Notes: One copy of your Resume: Include relevant employment, volunteer experience and extracurricular activities.
Personal Essay: Yes
Personal Essay Notes: On a separate sheet of paper, briefly elaborate on your interest in the Matsui Local Government Internship, addressing some or all of the following questions. Why are you interested in local government? What do you hope to learn from working in local government? Why do you believe local government plays an important role in people’s lives? Please limit your response to two double-spaced pages.
Project Proposal: No
Financial Aid: No
Institutional Endorsement: No
Other Submission Requirements: Yes
Other Submission Requirements Notes: Attach the entire completed application as one PDF document in an email to Camille Koué at Name the document “Last Name First Name LocalGov16”. Example: Koue Camille LocalGov16

Further Information

Ethan Rarick