Small Company-Based Scholarships and Contests

The following is a list of scholarships offered by a variety of companies. Many request that you write an essay, video, or blog. These opportunities are usually in the amount of $1,000  but others range from $200-$5,000. Some have multiple deadline dates.

It is recommended that you review the application requirements and disclosures thoroughly before applying, as many of the opportunities have special requirements that may ask for you to register for a service or like and/or share their social media pages with your friends and acquaintances as a way to market their products and/or services. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships neither discourages nor supports the process of applying for the scholarships listed. Please note that you apply at your own discretion.




Annual Welding Scholarship

Saranghae Scholarship

Jason Vanclef Scholarship

SpdLoad Scholarship

Volunteer Forever Travel Scholarship

Get Best Sewing Machine Scholarship

The Scooter Guide Scholarship

Dropshippinglite 2020 Scholarship

Elegant Touch Catering Scholarship

Mega Car Removal Sydney Scholarship

Pickup World Scholarship

Swopsmart Scholarship Initiative

PenguinCBD Scholarship 

Living Now Recovery

Aquavape Scholarship

Nook College Scholarship

SI Yachts Annual Scholarship Award

United One Water Scholarship Award

Seattle Yachting International Scholarship

Coupons Plus Deals “Save for Future” Scholarship

Rowlen Scholarship

Headline Tickets School Scholarship for Veterans

Cofttek Scholarship

Inspirational Stories: Scholarship

Fashionable Dogs Scholarship

Perth Locksmiths WA Scholarship

Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Cancer Awareness Scholarship

Kapuza Lighty Annual Scholarship Contest

ByteBiteBit Scholarship

Patient Care Medical Scholarship

HomeClean Miami Future Leaders Scholarship

Vocational Training HQ Scholarship

Grad Coach Scholarship

HomeClean Miami Future Leaders Scholarship

STRAPSCO $1000 ScholarshipProgram

Could it Wait? Scholarship

CryptoPotato Scholarship

The Juneteenth Scholarship 

CMOAPI Scholarship

HIV RNA Scholarship

Joanne Norris Scholarship

Miller Law Scholarship Contest

PSDtoWPService $500 Scholarship 

Fitness China Scholarship

The Points Promo Scholarship

Certa Law Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Scholarship

Lighthouse Recovery Academic Scholarship

$1000 freebooksmania Internet Library Scholarship

Bosterbio Scholarships

Boxing Scholarship Program for the Year 2021

Student Success Scholarship

 Ali Raza Scholarship

Tutorat Pro Scholarship

Tattoo Inksider Creative Scholarship

Worldwide Best Office Chairs Scholarship Program

 $1000 Fair Cases Law Group Scholarship

Worldwide Best Office Chairs Scholarship

Zilculator Scholarship

Michael W. Moran, P.C. Scholarship

Explore Medical Careers Scholarship

Bug Free - Scholarship for Students

Mask Market Scholarship

Laptop Licious Scholarship Program

Nextiva Business Scholarship

GMTC Scholarship

GRC Scholarship

The Young Leader Scholarship

Best Electric Shaver Style and Grooming Annual Scholarship Program

 “Smoker Features” Creative Writing Scholarship for Session 2020-2021


Enviro Safety “Pro Students” $1K Scholarship for Digital Marketing Students

Kapuza Lighty Scholarship Essay Contest

Gaming Laptop Finder Scholarship 


Clean Tech Scholarship Fund

Battery Hunters Innovative Writing Scholarship For The Year 2020-2021

Can It Wait?

Creative Writing For ReclinersHunt

Machines Ninja Creative Writing Scholarship 2020-2021

Real Estate Scholarship




EnergyRates.Ca College Scholarship 2021

Eskew Law Scholarship for Children of Convicted Felons

CCIS Future Contractor Scholarship

TasteKitchenTable Scholarship

Speakers Hunter Creative Writing Scholarship 2020-2021

Basketball Scan

Best Water Softener Scholarship Program


CIMAB Scholarship Program

US Premium Health, LLC




Law Student Scholarship

The Minority Foreclosure Awareness Scholarship

Spring 2021 Elite Lawyer Scholarship

$1300 My Courier Tracker Scholarship

The Local Realty Service Scholarship

All33 Scholarship

Web Design Scholarship

Michael Shah Scholarships Program

Kyle Krch Entrepreneurial Scholarship Program




CNC Machines Manufacturing Scholarship

EveryPayJoy Best Saving Scholarship

My Free Rehab Center Scholarship

Side Hustlin' Student Scholarship Opportunity

The Chief Chicago Limo scholarship

 Office Headquarters Info Scholarship

A Review Guide Scholarship

Vector Movers NJ Scholarship

Pro TIG Welders Scholarship Program

MedResidency Scholarship

Painting Kits Scholarship

The Insider Home Scholarship


Writing Scholarship

 Best Offices Chair Scholarship Program




IntelliRings Scholarship

CouponBirds "Help to Save" Scholarship

Dalworth Rug Cleaning Scholarship For 2021




E-Commerce Scholarship

The Ashoori Law Good Deeds Scholarship

Future Lawyer Scholarship

CatPet Scholarship


Home Heavenz Clean Environment Scholarship Program

Best Nail Gun Guide Scholarship

Speakers Ninja Innovative Writing Scholarship

Best Mattresses 2021




Multiple Deadlines

Squadhelp Professional Scholarship Program

The Future of Bariatric Surgery

Thomas J. Henry Leadership Scholarship Program

Buddha Teas Fair Trade Scholarship Program

Theater Masks Bi-Annual Scholarship

LA Tutors Innovation in Education Scholarship

The RentHop Apartment Scholarship

Richard West Law Office Bi-annual Student Loan Scholarship

Shear Comfort Automotive Scholarship

Supply Chain Management Education Scholarship
American muscles Student Scholarship
Double D Trailers $500 Scholarship
OppU Achievers Scholarship
Swope, Rodante P.A. Scholarships for Philanthropic Efforts
Deputy Scholarships for Women in Technology
Global Volunteers Bi-Annual Student Volunteer Abroad Scholarship
YUJA Monthly Scholarships Essay Contest
USA Corporate Services Inc. Scholarship
Women in Computing Scholarship
BestGrill Internet Marketing Scholarship Program
Monitor Guide Internet Marketing Scholarship
Golden Financial Scholarship
FamilyHW Internet Marketing Scholarship
Genetex Scholarships Program
National Credit Card Relief Scholarship
Top Student Entrepreneur Scholarship
Fisher Investments $5000 Invest in Your Future College Scholarships Program
Top Student Entrepreneur Scholarship
SortOutMy.Life Scholarship for Organized Students
Delta Construction Partners Scholarship
The $2,000 Privacy Matters College Scholarship
Skincare OX Beauty and Wellness Scholarships for Women
The Pong Guy Entrepreneurship and Biology Scholarship
Credit Sesame Financial Literacy  Scholarship
The Travis Watkins Tax Resolution and Accounting Firm Scholarship
The Coleman Furniture Design Scholarship
Building the Future Scholarship
Empowered Future Teachers Scholarship
PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship
Jet Future Business Leaders Scholarship
Student Loan Hero $5K Scholarship
Because College is Expensive Scholarship
Extreme Terrain Studnet Scholarships
WebstaurantStore Foodservice and Hospitality Scholarship
Helmet Adviser’s Student Scholarships 
Carpet Cleaner Picks Scholarship Program

The Future Leaders of Technology

College Movers Working Student Scholarship