OURS National Scholarships

Zhengfan Pan : Schwarzman Scholars Program

Zhengfan Pan (B.A. Legal Studies, ’20; MIDS, ’21) anticipates that the friendships he will make as a Schwarzman Scholar will outlive the program itself, along with the benefits of gaining rare access to Chinese business and political leaders. Zhangfan was educated in New Zealand before coming to California and is excited to learn more about China, his parents’ homeland, especially its current entrepreneurial landscape and political system. Building on interests developed as a legislative intern in the California State Senate, he hopes to explore the philosophy of property law for his capstone project. After graduation, Zhengfan held internships in several strategy teams at ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, where he worked on projects concerning the overseas market. Having been a transfer student, Zhengfan still feels tremendous gratitude to the academic staff at Cal who helped him navigate his way through his B.A. and master’s degree, including bringing opportunities like the Schwarzman Program to his attention.