OURS National Scholarships

Clara Hung

Clara Hung (’25, Computer Science & Physics) is interested in combining optics and machine learning algorithms to engineer next-generation computational cameras. As an undergraduate researcher at UC Berkeley’s Computational Imaging Lab, she is developing a dataset acquisition system for lensless imagers to enable budding research at the intersection of imaging, machine learning, and information theory. Fascinated by how images tell human stories and push scientific discoveries, she wants to continue developing computational imaging systems that allow us to see more with less. She aims to pursue a PhD and, in […]

Cooper Jacobus

Cooper Jacobus (’25, Astrophysics and Logic) is passionate about Computational Physics and fascinated with Cosmology and Machine Intelligence. He currently works toward solving problems in Cosmology using Machine Learning methods at UC Berkeley’s Department of Astronomy and Berkeley Lab’s Computational Cosmology Center. His research uses supercomputers to simulate the birth and history of the Cosmos to learn about the nature of gravity and dark matter. He hopes his work will inspire a new generation of scientists and shed light on the grandest mysteries of the universe. Outside of research, Cooper greatly enjoys […]

Danielle Tran

Smiling student.

Danielle Tran (’25, English) was born and raised in the Bay Area. They are currently working with Dr. Nina Begus to produce an edited volume on the impact of AI on language and creative writing. A Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, they are also developing a thesis on the poetry of Paul Celan. Outside of research, Danielle spends their time working at a university-affiliated daycare, being actively involved in Cal’s swing dance community, and, following a semester studying Spanish in Barcelona, doing all they can to appease the Duolingo bird.

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee (’22 , Electrical Engineering/Computer Science) is pursuing a PhD in computer science at the Stanford School of Engineering. She aspires to advance the field of computer vision, particularly in understanding how humans cognitively perceive and interpret abstract visual concepts. Sharon has been a researcher at the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab, working on brain-robot interfaces, robotics, and generative models for images. In Malaysia, her home country, Sharon founded an organization providing accessible education to orphans. Since moving to the U.S., she has worked on developing physical science visualization […]

Khushi Malde

Khushi Malde (’22, Data Science/Business Administration), who was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, is interested in using technology to promote experiential learning among middle and high school students. She is passionate about creating student-centric learning environments that allow students to discover what they are truly passionate about. Khushi heads the growth team at Lumiere Education, working to make high-quality research opportunities more accessible for high school students across the globe. She has helped expand these opportunities to 60+ countries. In parallel, she also runs a non-profit organization – Technology […]

Charlie Sevi Kim-Worthington

Charlie Kim-Worthington (’26, Greek & Latin / Urban Studies) will be studying Russian this summer with the Critical Language Scholarship Spark program. Having previously studied Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, and Latin, she is thrilled to expand her language skills through CLS. They have tutored unhoused children with School on Wheels in Los Angeles, have been a URAP research assistant in the Department of Ancient Greek and Roman Studies, and currently work at the Environmental Design Library. As a simultaneous degree student in CED and L&S, Charlie is passionate about urban […]

Fraser Byers

Fraser Byers (’25, Geography) was born in North Carolina and grew up in Western Canada. He is part of UC Berkeley’s dual degree program with Sciences Po in Paris, where he completed a degree in Politics and Government specializing in the Middle East. Fraser’s studies at Berkeley have been concerned with Earth Systems Science, particularly focusing on water. In addition, he is an undergraduate researcher at the Human Rights Center and a reporting intern for Circle of Blue. This Critical Language Scholarship will support studying Hindi in Jaipur, India in […]