Strauss Scholarship

Campus Deadline: Noon, February 16, 2021

  • Strauss Foundation website
  • Campus Application Instructions (Available in fall 2020)


The Donald A. Strauss Scholarship provides a $15,000 award, consisting of a $7,000 scholarship and $8,000 project grant. Applicants must be sophomores and juniors who will pursue a self-initiated public service project during the year after winning the award. The project may be a new undertaking or an extension of an existing project.

The Strauss Foundation annually awards between 10-15 awards to students from fourteen eligible California institutions. Each participating institution (including UC Berkeley) can nominate three students for the award.

Eligibility requirements

  • Full-time sophomore or junior
  • In the upper third of class (typically a minimum 3.3 GPA)
  • Outstanding leadership potential
  • Passion for public service and making a difference
  • Please see the Strauss website for more details:

Selection criteria

The public service project proposal is a major focus of the selection process. The project must be realistic in scope, and the foundation prefers projects that are designed to continue after initial implementation. Selectors look for candidates who are passionate about their project and who have a demonstrated interest in public service, outstanding leadership potential, effective communication skills, and who "wish to make a difference" in local, regional, or national communities.

Application requirements

Applicants must submit the following:

  • A completed nomination summary form
  • One-page Resume - With current and past public service
  • One-page Personal Essay
  • A Project Proposal - Limited to 4 pages, including Budget and Timeline
  • 2 Recommendations
  • Transcript
  • Signed Acceptance Agreement
  • Please see the Strauss website for more details:

​The UC Berkeley selection committee will select the university's nominees based on the above application materials and criteria.

 The Office of Undergraduate Research and Prestigious Scholarships offers advising on developing a public service project proposal. For more information, contact Alicia Hayes.