OURS National Scholarships

Namrata Ramesh

Namrata is a senior at the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a Physics (Honors) degree. Her senior thesis, supervised by Professor Naomi Ginsberg, involves understanding the dynamics of self assembly of gold nanocrystal superlattices using optical and x-ray scattering techniques. She has also worked on studying the trajectories of electrons in manganese doped halide perovskites using Monte Carlo simulations. At Oxford, she hopes to continue investigating the origins of intriguing phenomena in promising photovoltaic materials by being at the interface of experimental and computational physics. Namrata is also very passionate […]

Darion Wallace

Darion Wallace graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 2018 as a double major in rhetoric and African American Studies. During his time at Berkeley, Darion was selected as a Mellon Mays Fellow, a program that targets students with exceptional academic promise and potential for academic careers that will contribute to the diversity and equal opportunity in the academy. He also Resident Assistant for Summer Bridge and the Theme Program Advisor for the UCB Residential Student Services Program. Beyond the campus community, Darion was an education organizer for SEIU-UHW as well as […]

Nicholas Shafer

Nicholas Shafer is a recent 2020 UCB grad in Anthropology & Near Eastern Languages and Literatures (Arabic). He was a 2019 recipient of the Boren Scholarship, a Fulbright Grant recipient, and a 2020 John Gardner Public Service Fellow. He is one of 44 Marshall Scholars that will begin study in the United Kingdom in fall 2021 and will pursue study at the University of Oxford and the University of Sussex.

Briana Mullen

In 2015 Briana Mullen graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a major in history. Briana was an ASUC Senator who championed the issues of student parents, foster youth, and other independent students. She also served on the Chancellors Advisory Committee on Mental Health where she was the sole undergraduate representative working towards mental health care reforms on campus. Since graduation, Briana has worked for the California Department of Education where she served as both a Special Assistant and Policy Advisor to the State Superintendent. She currently works for the California School […]

Eden McEwen

Eden McEwen is a junior majoring in physics and astronomy. She hopes to be onthe forefront of the intersection of technological advancement and scientific discovery.Eden wants to help answer questions on exoplanet composition, black hole populations, and stellar dust disks by developing a new generation of more sensitive ground and space-based observatories. Eden has been active in the Society of Physics Student where she has served as Secretary as well as the publication STEMinist Chronicles, where she served as Treasurer and photographer. After graduating Eden wants to pursue a Ph.D. […]

Casey Mogilevsky

Casey Mogilevsky is a junior majoring in Chemistry. His work has helped lead to two submitted manuscripts involving protein-protein bioconjugates and CRISPR. He has also been working on a project which involves sequential site-selective bioconjugation reactions. Casey has been a volunteer and trainer of volunteers at UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital. Additionally, he has served as Director of Tutoring with PEACE A campus organization with the mission to combat the hyper-competitive environment of college. After graduation from Cal, Casey will pursue an MD/Ph.D. dual degree in medicine and biochemistry. In the […]

Rahul Sahay

Rahul Sahay is a junior majoring in physics and mathematics at UC Berkeley. have been involved with two research groups: Kam-Biu Luks high energy experiment group where his research is centered around the optimization of a detector in the internationally collaborative DUNE experiment. In 2019 Rahul joined Norman Yaos condensed matter theory and atomic experiment group. Rahul serves as the vice president of the UC Berkeley of Physics Students where he created the first undergraduate seminar series for the Department of Physics. He was also the recipient of the Isadore […]

Nicholas Pingitore

Nicholas Pingitore is a senior history student focusing on political and religious history in early modern and modern Europe. He is particularly interested in the role of religion in international affairs, and ways in which religious beliefs influence political organization. Nicholas has spent the past two years researching the history of US Russia diplomacy, as well as more broadly the history of the Cold War, and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. In his third year, Nicholas undertook a research expedition to Havana, Cuba to study the changes in the […]

Clio Smith

Clio is a first-year intended Computer Science student. She enjoys learning foreign languages and traveling to new countries to understand different cultures. She has previously studied abroad in Japan for the summer and Germany for ten months. This summer, She will study Hindi in Jaipur, India. Since there is a strong Indian presence in the United States, she wants to learn more about India while immersed among locals in the daily life and culture. Also, she is interested in working internationally in business and tech. Since India is an emerging […]

Victoria Haworth

Victoria is a senior Urban Studies and Economics major from Washington D.C. and will bestudying Bahasa Indonesian in Malang, Indonesia through CLS. She is interested in questions of urban governance, resiliency planning, and community development, and hopes to use her Indonesian to learn more about urban planning in Indonesia.