OURS National Scholarships

Alexandra Feldman

Alexandra Feldman (Political Economy, ’22) is a native of Southern California. She first visited Beijing during a 4-week Chinese language immersion program after her sophomore year in high school, and has continued studying both Chinese and Chinese literature since then. While attending Berkeley as a Regents’ Scholar, she became the Head News Editor for the Daily Californian and began writing poetry and short stories. As a Literature and Culture student at the Yenching Academy, Alexandra plans to explore the differences between the Chinese fantasy genre and Western fantasies, looking specifically […]

Arun Johnson

Arun Johnson (CBE, ’23) from Redwood City, CA, has long been interested in sustainable chemistry. He began researching carbon capture, fusion energy, and nanomaterials for cleaning car exhaust in high school, winning an Emergent Ventures grant and the Pioneer Tournament. As an undergraduate, he has been performing research on the use of nanomaterials for selective water purification in Prof. Jeffrey Long’s group. He is also the Vice President of the Biofuels Technology Club, which converts waste cooking oil from the dining halls into diesel fuel. He is interning at Terraform […]

Nitish Dashora

Nitish Dashora (EECS, ‘24) was born and raised in Columbus, OH. He is extremely interested in machine learning algorithms for general intelligence, namely those concerned with robotics. He has been researching AI algorithms for high-speed, off-road self-driving at Berkeley AI Research (BAIR). He has also been working with the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience to explore semantically meaningful learning representations in computer vision. He recently worked at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory with autonomous racing and published as a first author in the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). He […]

Satyam Sharma

Satyam Sharma (intended Math, ORMS, and Business ,‘25) will continue pursuing his love of languages and cultures with the CLS program in Tbilisi, Georgia this summer. A freshman from Southern California, Satyam is ecstatic to make lifelong friends through the scholarship and develop a firsthand understanding of ongoing crises in the region.