OURS National Scholarships

National Scholarship Recipients

Justin Hogenauer 2021-2022

Justin Hogenauer is a junior pursuing simultaneous degrees in Society & Environment and Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to studying Thai, he serves as a squadron commander in Air Force ROTC and as an undergraduate academic peer advisor for the Rausser College of Natural Resources. Justin is the Student Director for the Cal Alumni Association Board of Directors and is a recipient of the Achievement Award and two Leadership Awards. As a Boren Scholar, Justin plans to take Thai language courses and study global affairs […]

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Anthony Benjamin 2019-2020

“Anthony Benjamin, from Woodstock, IL, is a sophomore midshipman studying Chemistry and Russian at the University of California, Berkeley. As a future naval officer, Anthony is committed to developing a diverse professional and educational background to serve the United States dynamic national security needs. As a chemist, Anthony believes if one cannot effectively communicate or understand the implications of their work, then their expertise is useless and potentially dangerous to the world. Anthony is an intern for UC Berkeleys Nuclear Policy Work Group under Dr. Bethany Goldblum where he leads […]

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Nicholas Shafer 2019-2020

Nicholas Shaferis a recent 2020 UCB grad inAnthropology & Near Eastern Languages and Literatures (Arabic). He was a 2019 recipient of theBoren Scholarship,aFulbright Grantrecipient, and a 2020John Gardner Public Service Fellow.He is also one of 44 Marshall Scholars that will begin studyin the United Kingdom in fall 2021 and will pursue study atthe University of Oxfordand the University of Sussex.

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Janet Ying 2014-2015

Janet Ying is a foreign language enthusiast with coursework in Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. She is also extremely passionate about the importance of U.S-Japan diplomatic and economic relations, plus Japanese history and culture. With the support of the Boren Scholarship, Janet will delve deeper into these interests at Keio University in Tokyo. Janet is a rising senior majoring in Economics. She aims to work for the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer in the future.

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Nina Brown 2013-2014

Marie Lefebvre 2013-2014

Marie Lefebvre double-majored in Portuguese Language & Literature and Geography. She is fluent in French and Spanish and has travelled extensively in France and the Phillippines. She studied in Portugal for two months, and with the Boren Scholarship, she headed to Brazil to study at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro to study Portuguese. Through this opportunity, Marie immersed herself in Brazilian culture, society, and politics and worked to positively impact U.S-Brazil relations.

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David Herschorn 2012-2013

Christopher Gerber 2009-2010

Jared Mazzanti 2009-2010

Victoria Wu 2009-2010

Kate Sturla 2008-2009

Steven Chen 2007-2008

Mai-Tram Dinh 2005-2006

Jason Swiecki 2004-2005

Sara Sultan 2003-2004

Kristina Alexander 2002-2003

Russell O’Brien 2002-2003

Daniel Kim 2001-2002

Robert O’Neill 2001-2002

Thomas Caradonna 2000-2001

Jeremy Regal 1999-2000

Alice Brennan 1998-1999

Susanna Zaraysky 1997-1998

Ester Hwang 1995-1996