OURS National Scholarships

National Scholarship Recipients

Amarpreet Kaur 2022-2023

Amarpreet Kaur (Social Welfare, ’22) will spend the summer studying Punjabi in Chandigarh, Punjab, India. She has spent the past few years working at the intersections of social welfare, public policy, and advocacy. Amarpreet has worked with the NAACP in Washington, D.C. and the Brennan Center for Justice, as well as other organizations. Amarpreet will use her Punjabi language skills to continue to advocate for the Punjabi-Sikh community in the United States and abroad through policy and government affairs.

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Ransom Miller 2022-2023

Ransom Miller (Global Studies, ’24) is headed to Tainan, Taiwan to study Mandarin. A sophomore, Ransom fit two years of Chinese into his freshman year at Cal and the following summer, qualifying him to apply for this particular CLS program. He plans to become a foreign service officer in the U.S. State Department and use his language skills throughout his career.

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Kristie Moore 2022-2023

Kristie Moore (Global Studies, ’25) will continue her Russian studies in the CLS program in Bishkek, Kyrgystan this summer. Kristie, a freshman from Southern California, studied Russian in Moscow in 2019 through NSLI-Y, the U.S. State Department’s overseas language program for high school students, for which Kristie serves as an alumni representative. She hopes to study East European Studies/Russian in graduate school and possibly pursue a stateside career in the State Department.

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Maurice Ruttimann 2022-2023

Maurice Ruttimann (Interdisciplinary Studies, ’22) will spend the summer studying advanced Turkish in Ankara. He is now in his second semester of Turkish Poetry and Literature at Cal. To build on his linguistic skills and extend his time abroad in Turkey, Maurice has secured funding support from UC Berkeley’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies to take courses on international trade at Boazii University in Istanbul in Fall 2022.

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Satyam Sharma 2022-2023

Satyam Sharma (intended Math, ORMS, and Business ,‘25) will continue pursuing his love of languages and cultures with the CLS program in Tbilisi, Georgia this summer. A freshman from Southern California, Satyam is ecstatic to make lifelong friends through the scholarship and develop a firsthand understanding of ongoing crises in the region.

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Blue Fay 2021-2022

Blue Fay graduated from UC Berkeley in December 2020 with a BA in Legal Studies and a minor in Chinese. While learning Mandarin, he developed a deep interest in Redology, the study of Cao Xue-qin’s The Dream of the Red Chamber. In the Spring of 2020, he was awarded the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures inaugural YR Chao Prize for an essay titled, “The Thirteenth Beauty of Jinling: Suppression and Ephemerality in The Dream of the Red Chamber.” Blue’s love of creative writing was nurtured by the four […]

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Aurora Lopez 2021-2022

Aurora Lopez is a senior studying Political Science with a specialization in International Relations. In preparation for a career in foreign relations, she has taken courses outside her major to gain a better understanding of international cooperation, such as Gulf States, Spanish, and Arabic courses. She also interned for the British Consulate General, where she worked with international personnel in San Francisco. Currently, she’s interning with the Department of State, assisting Foreign Service Officers who wish to promote U.S. diplomacy around the globe. Overall, Aurora is interested in understanding the […]

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Charlotte McClelland 2021-2022

Charlotte McClelland is a third year undergraduate double majoring in Economics and Arabic Language & Literature. She is particularly interested in development economics and hopes to combine her knowledge of Arabic and economics in her future career. She also loves language learning and the ability it gives her to build relationships with others from diverse backgrounds. This summer she will be studying Arabic in Ibri, Oman (virtually) through the Critical Language Scholarship.

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Ramil Mercado 2021-2022

Ramil Mercado is a senior in the College of Letters and Science and is majoring in Political Science and Asian Studies-China with a minor in Southeast Asian Studies. He is interested in Southeast Asian culture and politics, specifically in Insular Southeast Asia. He is studying Bahasa Indonesian in Indonesia in order to learn one of the most important languages of the region to prepare himself for graduate studies on the region. He looks forward to being able to effectively communicate and connect with people across Indonesia, as well as with […]

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Cyara Pinkos 2021-2022

Cyara will be graduating from UC Berkeley in Spring 2021 with a B.A. in Political Economy and a concentration on Development and the Environment in the Middle East. After graduation, she plans to focus her interest in sustainable development and passion for learning languages on pursuing a career in international development. This summer she will be studying Arabic in Meknes, Morocco (virtually) through the Critical Language Scholarship.

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Mariel Aquino 2020-2021

Mariel Aquino is a fourth-year Data Science major with a concentration in Linguistics. She has always enjoyed traveling and studying foreign languages and will combine this with her interests in natural language processing, machine learning, and machine translation as a full-time NLP engineer next year. Her past three semesters of linguistics researchin Ndengeleko, an endangered Bantu language spoken in Tanzania, developed her interest in East African languages. As businesses expand to areas such as Southeast Asia and East Africa, Mariel plans to take what she’s learned in the program to […]

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Yasemin Azizalili 2020-2021

Victoria Haworth 2020-2021

Victoria is a senior Urban Studies and Economics major from Washington D.C. and will bestudying Bahasa Indonesian in Malang, Indonesia through CLS. She is interested in questions of urban governance, resiliency planning, and community development, and hopes to use her Indonesian to learn more about urban planning in Indonesia.

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Eliza Hollingsworth 2020-2021

Eliza Hollingsworth is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Global Studies and completing minors in Public Health and in Public Policy. She hopes to alleviate the public health repercussions of conflict, displacement, and migration through impactful research and direct services. This summer, she will be participating in the Critical Language Scholarship’s Urdu program in Lucknow, India. Eliza is drawn to Urdu because she hopes to work with communities in South Asia that are affected by conflict and public health disparities, and because of Urdu’s rich poetic and literary history.

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Madhumitha Krishnan 2020-2021

Madhumitha Krishnan is a junior studying political science and history, with specializations in comparative politics and the history of law and government. She is interested in studying democratization and the role of judicial institutions in strengthening or weakening democracies. She is also generally passionate about migrant rights and creating systemic political and social change by empowering minority communities to utilize established political and legal processes. She will be studying Russian in the Kyrgyz Republic and chose to study Russian for the interesting questions the post-Soviet space raises about the democratization […]

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Ramil Mercado 2020-2021

Ramil graduated from UC Berkeley in December 2019 with a BA in Political Science and Asian Studies, and a minor in Southeast Asian studies. He is passionate about Southeast Asian culture and politics, specifically Maritime Southeast Asia. He is learning Indonesian in order to effectively communicate and connect with people across Indonesia and Timor-Leste, as well as with those who speak Malay in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. He hopes to use the language skills that he will gain this summer in his graduate studies as well as within the realm […]

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Nicholas Pingitore 2020-2021

Nicholas Pingitore is a seniorhistory student focusing on political and religious history in early modern and modern Europe. He is particularly interested in the role of religion in international affairs, and ways in which religious beliefs influence political organization.Nicholas has spent the past two years researching the history of USRussia diplomacy, as well as more broadly the history of the Cold War, and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. In his third year, Nicholas undertook a research expedition to Havana, Cuba to study the changes in the nations political system […]

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Clio Smith 2020-2021

Clio is a first-year intended Computer Science student. She enjoys learning foreignlanguages and traveling to new countries to understand different cultures. She has previously studied abroad in Japan for the summer and Germany for ten months. This summer, She will study Hindi in Jaipur, India! Since there is a strong Indian presence in the United States, she wants to learn more about India while immersed among locals in the daily life and culture. Also, She is interested in working internationally in business and tech. Since India is an emerging tech […]

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Tina Kremzner-Hsing 2019-2020

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Maggie Li 2019-2020

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Brendon Ng 2019-2020

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Mauricio Najarro 2018-2019

Harold Surh, Jr 2018-2019

Rena Wang 2018-2019

Susan Eberhard 2017-2018

Josue Padilla 2017-2018

Arlana Pemberton 2017-2018

Tara Sivakandan 2017-2018

Dafna Bearson 2016-2017

Raj Bhargava 2016-2017

Nicole Ferreira 2016-2017

Rishi Parbhaat Khalsa 2016-2017

Michelle Read 2016-2017

Melissa Scott 2016-2017

Josie Ygnatowiz 2016-2017

Anh Duong 2015-2016

Nicole Hemenway 2015-2016

Natalie Rutiezer 2015-2016

Jayson Wang 2015-2016

Zala Ahmadzaa 2014-2015

Joanna Chen 2014-2015

Emily Cramer 2014-2015

Samuel Dorshimer 2014-2015

Maya Garcia 2014-2015

Raheem Hanifa 2014-2015

Vicole Hemenway 2014-2015

Michelle Read 2014-2015

Shin San 2014-2015

Caitlin Scholl 2014-2015

Stefanie Chamberlain 2013-2014

Tadashi Dozono 2013-2014

Lisa Kelley 2013-2014

Harrison Lee 2013-2014

Hector Morales 2013-2014

Joseph Mudikeneil 2013-2014

Rosa Norton 2013-2014

Marvin Salonga 2013-2014

Kanwalroop Singh 2013-2014

Hannah Thompson 2013-2014

Julia Uyttewaal 2013-2014

Kelsey Waxman 2013-2014

Alison Yee 2013-2014

Hannah Archmbault 2012-2013

Jenna Cavelle 2012-2013

Andy Chang 2012-2013

Adela Chang 2012-2013

Julia Gettle 2012-2013

Ethan Prizant 2012-2013

Nicholas Robbins 2012-2013

Erica Vasquez 2012-2013

Jordan Bach-Lombardo 2011-2012

Antony D'Avirro 2011-2012

Rachel Friedlander 2011-2012

Myles Iribarne 2011-2012

Marjon Momand 2011-2012

Jenny Oberholtzer 2011-2012

Ethan Prizant 2011-2012

Julia Shatz 2011-2012

Melissa Turoff 2011-2012

Erica Vasquez 2011-2012

Rebecca Whittington 2011-2012

Robert Beahrs 2010-2011

Catherine Bentivoglio 2010-2011

Carol Chao 2010-2011

Bathsheba Demuth 2020-2021

Kristi Govella 2010-2011

Katherine Hasnain 2010-2011

Milla Nizar 2010-2011

Katherine Pisarro-Grant 2010-2011

Alexa Underwood 2010-2011

Maia Wollins 2010-2011

James Buck 2009-2010

David Herschorn 2009-2010

Aqilah Hussain 2009-2010

Sara Malik 2009-2010

Christopher McCourt 2009-2010

Behnaz Raufi 2009-2010

Alainna Thomas 2009-2010

Aparajita Basu 2008-2009

Mariel Block 2008-2009

David Boyk 2008-2009

Ryan Calder 2008-2009

Ryan Centner 2008-2009

Robin Collins 2008-2009

Hardeep Dhillon 2008-2009

Shelley Dhillon 2008-2009

Anne Fukyshima 2008-2009

Sarah Fullmer 2008-2009

Joseph Gardner 2008-2009

Carlos Grenier 2008-2009

Rupali Jain 2008-2009

Tony Lin 2008-2009

Preeti Mann 2008-2009

Whalen Peete 2008-2009

Hannah Pritchett 2008-2009

Tamera Stover 2008-2009

Smad Alavi 2007-2008

Fariya Ali 2007-2008

Nadia Barhoum 2007-2008

Mara Bethel 2007-2008

Sarah Garding 2007-2008

Renee Ho 2007-2008

Rebecca Junker 2007-2008

Luther Obrock 2007-2008

Felicia Parazaider 2007-2008

Amit Sarin 2007-2008

Kevin Schwartz 2007-2008

Samuel Thrope 2007-2008

James Buck 2006-2007

Jason Vivrette 2006-2007